WW Readers, and Writers, are an “Intelligent Bunch”

Dear Editor,

I appreciate your recent front page article on the environmental threat posed by navy military training on the Olympic peninsula (see Whatcom Watch, Dec. 2015, “A Threat to our Neighbors’ Environment,” by Bruce Radtke.) This is an important issue that is part of a larger attempt to militarize public lands across the country, including the North Cascades Wilderness in our own backyards. So kudos to you for bringing this to our collective attention!

I do have some questions about the article itself. Who are Elizabeth, Shirley and Ellen? What are their last names? If these women wish to remain anonymous, why use their names at all? I am disappointed that a headline article in what I consider to be an important local publication would be so casual about naming the participants involved. I like to think that us Whatcom Watch readers are an intelligent bunch. We want to know Who, What ,Where, Why and When.

I can certainly respect a desire for privacy, but again, why use names at all if that is the case?

Rainbow Medicine-Walker
Maple Falls

Dear Rainbow, Thank you for your letter. Yes, our readers, and writers, are highly educated and discerning, and we are glad to bring awareness to the Navy jets issue — not directly in our backyard, yet close to home. As you know, Whatcom Watch articles are written by residents, scientists, activists, and concerned citizens. While we adhere to journalistic standards for accuracy, corroboration, and writing style, we try to preserve the tone and personality of each piece. In this case, the author chose to mention the parties by first name only to preserve their privacy. Thanks for writing to us and being part of the “intelligent bunch.” — Editor