Hold the Name Calling

To the editor:

We value Whatcom Watch for providing information and perspectives on Whatcom County concerns that are not available elsewhere, and have been supporters for a number of years.

I am concerned about the tone of the articles written by Michael Riordan. Using phrases such as “a Trump toady” and “the Oracle of Ferndale” undercuts the impact of the very important information and context Riordan provides regarding Ericksen’s questionable decision to try to work in both Washingtons at the same time.

If someone were to read this article to try to decide how to assess Ericksen’s behavior regarding his elected position and the impact his federal appointment has had on his duties to the state, there is much good information there. But if that reader were undecided, such ad hominem attacks might distract from the facts, and might make such a reader question the fairness of the facts reported.

So I raise the question on all of our minds these days: are we speaking only to those with whom we agree, or are we trying to inform as many people as possible, which one hopes would include those outside our own echo chamber?

Ellie Posel