Bellingham City Council

Compiled by Boris Schleinkofer

Action Taken at November 6, 2017 Meeting

Shall the council:

187. Approve the 2018 legislative objectives? The city of Bellingham in partnership with Whatcom County and the Port of Bellingham, has a shared Washington State Legislature agenda. The 2018 agenda addresses priorities such as adopting a budget to finance Model Toxics Control Act cleanup measures at the R.G. Haley site, central waterfront, Cornwall beach and Swift Creek areas; local infrastructure projects and improvements; measures to improve and insure fiscal sustainability; and criminal justice and social services funding, among others. (AB21763) Approved 7-0

188. Uphold the Public Works director’s decision to deny the request for retail water and sewer service at 3465 Airport Drive? The Growth Management Act prohibits the expansion of city services into rural areas unless it is necessary to protect public health and safety. At the 5/23/2011 meeting, vote #94, the council voted to repeal water and sewer service outside the city. Crystal Investment, wants to construct a new Alpha Technologies building at 3465 Airport Drive and requested the City Council review the Public Works director’s decision to deny their request water and sewer service. The request would be considered a new retail water service. The mayor reported that annexation is a solution that would allow the two Crystal Investment properties to be joined together and the paperwork has been presented to the owner. City staff will bring back the utility service ordinance for review at a later meeting. (AB21775) Approved 7-0

189. Approve the mayor’s reappointment of Emily Derenne to the Greenway Advisory Committee? The committee provides recommendations to the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Department about Greenway levy expenditures, parkland acquisitions and parks/trails/open space development projects. Ms. Derenne is a habitat restoration specialist that coordinates the Natural Resource Stewardship Program for Skagit County Public Works. Her first appointment was approved at the 10/27/2014 meeting, vote #215; her final term will expire on 10/27/2020. (AB21779) Approved 7-0

190. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with Whatcom County to allocate a $35,941 federal grant? The 2017 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program apportioned $22,828 for the Bellingham police department to purchase body camera software and $13,113 to the Whatcom County sheriff’s department to purchase ballistic vests which need to be replaced as they are outside the manufacturer’s recommended warrantee. (AB21782) Approved 7-0

191. Authorize the mayor to sign the 2017–2020 agreement with Whatcom County and the Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District for monitoring of selected Lake Whatcom tributaries? This is a task of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir Management Program. Tributary water quality and stream flow data were identified as a data gap by the Lake Whatcom Comprehensive Stormwater Program, the state Department of Ecology TMDL and the WRIA 1 Watershed Planning Process. This project will expand on past tributary monitoring projects by increasing sample collection frequency with a focus on characterization of phosphorus inputs into the lake. The total city share of the tributary monitoring task is not to exceed $125,901. (AB21783) Approved 7-0

192. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with Western Washington University and Whatcom Transportation Authority for conceptual planning of the Lincoln Creek Transportation Center? The center is a 7.8 acre facility owned by WWU and located on the east side of Lincoln Street between E. Maple Street and Byron Avenue. Western Washington University wishes to improve their existing facility to provide additional parking (there is current parking for approximately 500 cars) and access to regional bus service by Whatcom Transportation Authority. The university, by voluntary agreements with the city which have since expired, has contributed to parking and transportation demand management programs in the past and desires to continue to partner with the city and transportation authority to fund similar programs and capital projects in the future. The planning cost is estimated at $34,000 with a city of Bellingham maximum of $5,000. (AB21784) Approved 7-0

193. Appropriate $4,289,120 for goods and services checks issued from October 14 through October 27, 2017? (AB21785/21786) Approved 7-0

194. Adopt the Whatcom Community College institutional master plan? (Public hearing held) This plan will help guide growth of the campus and meet the needs of its students and the community over the next 20 years. The Whatcom Community College submitted applications for land use planning and zoning amendments to the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan, the Cordata and Meridian Neighborhood Plans and the Bellingham Municipal Code. The Planning Commission reviewed the proposal and recommended approval. AB21755 (Ordinance 2017-11-025) Approved 7-0

Action Taken at November 13, 2017 Meeting

Shall the council:

195. Appropriate $3,180,152 for payroll checks issued from October 11 through October 25, 2017? (AB21794) Approved 6-0, Terry Bornemann excused.

196. Appropriate $1,112,315 for goods and services checks issued from October 28 through November 3, 2017? (AB21795) Approved 6-0, Terry Bornemann excused.

197. Authorize the mayor to sign an $63,287 interagency agreement with the State of Washington for two energy improvements? One project is $18,087 for solar array energy services and the other is $45,200 for building lighting, energy conservation and capital planning. The city has had a cooperative partnership with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Energy Program since 2014 to help local agencies manage cost effective and efficient energy improvement programs. This master interagency agreement is expiring due to a change in the State’s project tracking software and requires renewal. Previously the city utilized this program to construct an LED street lighting project. These two additional projects have been identified as potential candidates and are currently in the feasibility stage for energy servicices proposals. (AB21796) Approved 6-0, Terry Bornemann excused.

198. Adopt transportation impact fees for 2018? Developments seeking building permits are charged impact fees in order for the city to recover the costs of new transportation infrastructure, (i.e. streets, lighting, signage, maintenance, etc). The base rate is charged per p.m. peak hour vehicle trip, and is calculated by combining the city’s actual expenditures of local transportation funding over the last six years with the anticipated funding needs for transportation during the next six years, and dividing the resulting total by the amount of traffic projected for new development and by the number of p.m. peak hour vehicle trips projected for the entire 12 years. The resulting 2018 base rate is $2,017 per p.m. peak hour vehicle trip, which is a 5.6 percent decrease (-$121/trip) from 2017. AB21774 (Ordinance 2017-11-026) Approved 6-0, Terry Bornemann excused.

199. Establish the property tax rate for 2018? (Public hearing held on October 23.) Each year, the City Council establishes the property tax levy rates for the following year. A city ordinance reflecting this action is due in the county assessor office by November 30. A one percent increase in the property tax levy amount will result in approximately $247,000 of additional revenue for parks, affordable housing and fire and police pension. AB21776 (Ordinance 2017-11-027) Approved 6-0, Terry Bornemann excused.

Action Taken at December 4, 2017 Meeting

Mayor Linville introduced David Doll as the city’s new chief of police. Chief Doll started with Bellingham Police Department in 1980 as an explorer cadet and was hired as a commissioned officer in 1984. He has been a deputy chief for the past 12 years.

Shall the council:
200. Spend $640,000 to purchase approximately 17.5 acres located off Lake Louise Road adjacent to city owned property and the Stimpson Reserve? The property is being purchased to help maintain/improve the drinking water quality in Lake Whatcom. (Discussed in Executive Session) Approved 7-0

201. Ratify the collective bargaining agreement between the City and WhatCOMM Guild? The following general terms will apply: wages will increase by 0.5 percent on 7/1/2017 (with a one-time signing bonus in the amount of $1,200 on their first paycheck following ratification for each member of the bargaining unit employed on 12/4/2017), by 4 percent on 1/1/2018, and by 2 percent on 1/1/2019. The parties also agreed to convert an attendant bonus to a 1.75 percent increase in wages effective 1/1/2018. Additionally, the employer’s contributions towards health insurance premiums in 2017-2019 will increase by 5 percent above the contribution rate of the previous year. (Discussed in Executive Session) Approved 7-0

202. Direct the mayor to work with Sheriff Elfo to develop a small, working committee similar to the Jail Stakeholder Task Force that will develop short term solutions to facility capacity and long term objectives for alternatives to incarceration? The purpose of the committee will be to address county-wide coordination of all users, both in terms of facility use and continued implementation of alternatives to incarceration, and the management of Whatcom County correctional facilities, programs and tools in a manner that best meets public safety needs and public expectations. (AB21798) Approved 7-0

203. Authorize the mayor to award the low bid of $730,464 to Award Construction of Ferndale to replace the communications tower on Sehome Hill? The engineer’s estimate was $558,772. The project involves the installation of a new city-owned communications tower and associated equipment compound within the Sehome Hill Arboretum. The city received seven bids, the high bid was $1,154,394. (AB21800) Approved 7-0

204. Authorize the mayor to award the low bid of $359,770 to Bellingham Marine Industries of Ferndale to replace the floating dock and pilings at Bloedel Donovan Park? The Bloedel Donovan Park boat launch on Lake Whatcom was originally built with a state grant in 1983. This project includes replacing existing wood piling with new steel piling and installing new floating docks within the same footprint as the existing dock. The city received three bids, the high bid was $502,520. The project is partially funded by a state recreation and conservation grant of $66,731 and the expectation of an additional state grant of $202,437 once state capital budget is passed. (AB21802) Approved 7-0

205. Increase 2018 fees at the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center by approximately 5 percent? Swim admissions, pool rentals and instructional program activity fees will increase. Shower fees will not increase. The state mandated minimum wage increase represents an approximate $30,000 annual increase in labor costs at the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center for 2018. The proposed 2018 fees are consistent with market standard pricing for municipal aquatic programs and admission fees. AB21803 (Resolution 2017-40) Approved 7-0

206. Approve the strategic plan and project expenditure guidelines for the 2017–2018 Greenway Program? The Greenway Advisory Committee has spent much of 2017 evaluating and assessing existing and new priorities to guide land acquisition and development funding by updating the Greenway Strategic Plan. Focusing on the first two years of funding from the Greenway 4 levy, the strategic plan highlights priority critical projects in the community. Several of the priority projects are included in the 2018 budget amendment currently under consideration by the council. The plan will also serve as a guideline for the 2019-2020 budget. The capital maintenance funding was approved at the 6/19/2017 meeting, vote #114. (AB21804) Approved 7-0

207. The mayor reappointed Alexis Blue to her first full term on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board? Alexis Blue has been working in coastal engineering design since 2001 and specializes in numerical modeling, coastal construction, computer-aided design, and dredging projects. She has overseas experience in project management and GIS analysis as well as work experience with the federal government (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), academic research in coastal engineering and disaster resilience, and private consulting firms. The term will expire on 11/25/2020 at which time she may be reappointed. (AB21809) Does not require council confirmation.

208. The mayor appointed Kelli Hall to her first term on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board? Kelli Hall is a student at WWU majoring in political science and has been a Bellingham resident for the past nine years. She volunteers at the Bellingham Food Bank and as an ice-skating coach. The term will expire on 12/1/2018 at which time she may be reappointed. (AB21809) Does not require council confirmation.

209. Appropriate $3,398,660 for payroll checks issued from October 26 through November 9, 2017? (AB21811) Approved 7-0

210. Appropriate $5,144,598 for goods and services checks issued from November 4 through November 17, 2017? (AB21812/21813) Approved 7-0