Bellingham City Council

Compiled by Boris Schleinkofer

Action Taken at April 9, 2018 Meeting
Shall the council:

46. Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with the Northwest Clean Air Agency for a greenhouse gas reduction project? The city was awarded the greenhouse gas reduction grant by the air agency in 2013 through a competitive process. Since that time, the city and agency have been working under a memorandum of understanding on the scope and feasibility of the solar panel project atop a large reservoir in Whatcom Falls Park. Total project costs are estimated at $809,000, with $760,000 coming from the air agency grant, and $50,000 is the city’s share. (AB21924) Approved 7-0

47. Authorize the mayor to award the low bid of $379,985 to Dirtworks Bellingham for the Whatcom Falls Park/Woburn trail and parking? The engineer’s estimate is $347,722. Construction is anticipated to begin in early May 2018 and to be completed by August 2018. The project includes pedestrian and parking improvements off Woburn Street, south of the Whatcom Creek bridge on the west side of the park. This includes construction of a 1,555 foot crushed limestone gravel trail, an 11-car parking area, wetland buffer mitigation, fence, grading, drainage and signage. At the 7/10/2017 meeting, vote #118, the council rejected the low bid because it was $104,438 above the engineer’s estimate of $341,411. The city received nine bids, the high bid was $503,568. (AB21659) Approved 7-0

48. Authorize the city to apply for a state grant for development of the Squalicum Creek Trail? The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant will assist with the construction of the next phase of Squalicum Creek Trail from Cornwall Park to Roeder Avenue. Phase 1 was completed in 2016 and phase 2 in 2017. Phase 3 will include a 1.5 mile new trail connector from the existing Squalicum Creek Trail to the waterfront, as well as new stairs connecting Squalicum Way to Northwest Avenue. The trail will be located on the abandoned railway track that runs parallel to Squalicum Way. The total estimated cost is $1.6 million, with up to $500,000 available in state grant funds matched with local Greenway Levy and PIF funds. AB21925 (Resolution 2018-03) Approved 7-0

49. Authorize the city to apply for a state grant to assist with the construction of an athletic field at Squalicum Creek Park? The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office is encouraging municipalities to apply for Youth Athletic Facilities grant funding for the expansion of existing facilities that widen the number, hours and sports available for local youth. Both of the existing fields at Squalicum Creek Park are well utilized. Creating a third field at Squalicum Creek Park fulfills the master plan for the space, and with multi-use markings, the field can be used for other sports including soccer and lacrosse. The project, which is estimated to cost $700,000, is eligible for a maximum grant funding of $350,000 with the remaining balance to be recouped through park impact fees. AB21926 (Resolution 2018-04) Approved 7-0

50. Appropriate $3,239,452 for payroll checks issued from March 10 through March 23, 2018? (AB21930) Approved 7-0

51. Appropriate $3,688,199 for goods and services checks issued from March 17 through March 30, 2018? (AB21931/21932) Approved 7-0

Action Taken at April 23, 2018 Meeting
Shall the council:

52. Spend $165,000 to purchase a ten-acre parcel at the end of King Mountain Road? The property is adjacent to the city limits and north of E. Bakerview Road. It will be purchased with Greenway funds from B & L Properties Trust and be used for park purposes. (Discussed in Executive Session.) Approved 7-0

53. Spend $261,500 to purchase the abandoned railway line along Squalicum Way from Orchard Place to Roeder Avenue? The property will be purchased with park impact fees from BNSF Railway and be used for park purposes. (Discussed in Executive Session.) Approved 7-0

54. Remove on-street parking on Puget Street and install bike lanes? (Public hearing held.) The Bicycle Master Plan recommends removal of parking on one side of Puget Street between Lakeway Drive and the south driveway to the Civic Field parking lot to install marked bike lanes on each side of Puget Street. Public Works conducted a parking study during the entire month of February 2018 and revealed 3 per cent utilization of parking spaces on the east side of the street and a 14 per cent utilization on the west side of the street. On 3/13/2018,the Bellingham Transportation Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the city remove parking on the east side of the street to install bike lanes in summer 2018. The total estimated cost of the Lakeway/Lincoln pedestrian and bike safety project is $1.75 million. (AB21933) Approved 7-0

55. Authorize the mayor to accept a $545,000 state grant for the Little Squalicum Estuary restoration project? Previous votes on the project took place at the 8/10/2015 meeting, vote #155; 8/31/2015 meeting, vote #164; 5/2/2016 meeting, vote #70; 7/11/2016 meeting, vote #113 and 8/29/2016 meeting, vote #143. The 1.42-acre intertidal estuary and salt marsh is just east of the Nooksack River delta in Whatcom County.The project will improve water quality, restore tidal processes and increase salmonid habitat by rerouting Little Squalicum Creek into a new estuary and creating a new discharge channel to Bellingham Bay. (AB21940) Approved 7-0

56. Authorize the mayor to award the bid of $87,863 to Foundation Restoration of Bellingham for the Aquatic Center slide platform and stair repair? The engineer’s estimate was $70,000, excluding taxes. The project involves work on the existing water slide for the pool, including structural demolition and re-build, repairs, replacements, alterations and upgrades. Home & Garden Builders of Bellingham submitted the low bid of $64,123, then requested to be released from its bid, citing the submittal was prior to the city’s posting of addendum #4. The city received five bids, the high bid was $173,920. (AB21941) Approved 7-0

57. Appropriate $3,368,294 for payroll checks issued from March 24 through April 10, 2018? (AB21942) Approved 7-0

58. Appropriate $4,806,285 for goods and services checks issued from March 31 through April 13, 2018? (AB21943/21944) Approved 7-0

59. Approve a contract with Republic Services of Seattle for the disposal of residential solid waste collected by Sanitary Service Company? (Public hearing held.) On 5/25/2016, a request for proposal was sent to qualified contractors for municipal residential solid waste disposal services. The primary purpose was securing a final destination for residential waste collected by Sanitary Service after separation of recyclables at the curb. Two respondences were received, separate interviews took place on 6/1/2017. The City Council has determined that it is in the public interest to enter into the contract with Republic. AB21674 (Resolution 2018-05) Approved 7-0

60. Update an emergency ordinance for temporary tent encampments? This is another attempt by the city to address growing homelessness and the problem of tent-cities. It replaces emergency ordinance 2018-02-005 passed at the 2/26/2018 meeting and 2018-01-001 passed at the 1/22/2018 meeting. This latest emergency ordinance adopts interim zoning regulations for the siting, establishment, and operation of temporary tent and building encampments. It allows religious organizations to host temporary encampments within buildings or on property outside of buildings. The maximum number of residents is 100 and no childern under 18 are allowed to stay overnight. This ordinance expires on 4/22/2019. (Discussed During Mayor’s Report.) (Ordinance 2018-04-007) Approved 7-0