Bellingham City Council

Compiled by Boris Schleinkofer

Action Taken at March 12, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
37. Authorize the mayor to sign a $25,000 agreement with the Whatcom Council of Governments to help fund the Whatcom Smart Trips program? At the 2/27/2006 meeting, vote #42, the council voted to join the program and contributed $100,000. The city has been contributing $25,000 since 2011. Smart Trips is an ongoing program between local governments, public agencies, employers and schools to promote transportation by walking, bicycling, sharing rides and riding the bus. The Smart Trips Program is a key element increasing the use of non-motorized transportation/transit options and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. (AB21906) Approved 7-0

38. Appropriate $3,148,846 for payroll checks issued from February 10 through February 23, 2018? (AB21907) Approved 7-0

39. Appropriate $4,903,983 for goods and services checks issued from February 17 through March 2, 2018? (AB21908/20909) Approved 7-0

40. Amend and update municipal code provisions relating to boards and commissions? In 2017, staff presented proposed changes to the membership requirements for city boards and commissions. It cancels the citizenship status, the city residency is reduced from two years to one, amends other code provisions related to boards and commissions based on staff recommendations, and adds a new chapter for a Home Rehabilitation Program Loan Review Board. AB21706 (Ordinance 2018-03-006) Approved 7-0

Action Taken at March 26, 2018 Meeting

Shall the council:
41. Authorize the mayor to sign a memorandum of understanding with Fire District #4, and the South Whatcom Regional Fire Authority concerning city annexations? The memorandum is non-binding, but memorializes the intent of the parties to meet, negotiate, and work toward a new interlocal agreement that addresses annexations by the city in light of changed circumstances. On 9/16/1997, the city entered into the original agrrement with Fire District #2, Fire District #4 and Fire Protection District #8. Since 1997, changes include the fact that District #4 receives management and all operational services through a contract with North Whatcom Fire and Rescue and District #2 no longer exists as a municipal corporation, after joining with other fire protection districts to form the South Whatcom Regional Fire Authority. Additionally, the 1997 agreement referenced a fire service master plan that is now obsolete. The target for reaching a final agreement is 10/1/2018.(AB21915) Approved 7-0

42. Authorize the mayor to sign an $236,750 agreement with Whatcom County and the Port of Bellingham for WWU Small Business Development Center funding? The city’s financial commitment to the program is $66,250 in 2017, $84,350 in 2018 and $86,150 in 2019 for a total of $236,750 and a grand total of $974,845 for the city, county and port. The parties have jointly agreed to fund the WWU small business development center since 2011 (the first agreement was approved 12/13/2010 meeting, vote #237 and extended at the 12/9/2013 meeting, vote #271 and the 11/14/2016 meeting, vote #194). In 2015, the parties decided to market Whatcom County with the creation of the “Choose Whatcom” website. (AB21916) Approved 7-0

43. Implement the second Cities for Climate Protection action plan? At the 3/14/2005 meeting, vote #53, the council endorsed the Cities for Climate Protection agreement to comply with the Kyoto Protocol for reducing global warming. At the 5/7/2007 meeting, vote #103, the council approved the action plan of the Cities for Climate Protection program. A new goal has been set of 100 percent renewable energy for city functions, with intent of including the whole of the Bellingham population. A discussion regarding the Climate Protection action plan update and action plan task force to develop 100 percent renewable energy targets was held at the 4/23/2018 council meeting. (AB21905) Approved 7-0

44. Appropriate $3,245,063 for payroll checks issued from February 24, 2018 through March 9, 2018? (AB21919) Approved 7-0 45. Appropriate $2,662,359 for goods and services checks issued from March 3 through March 16, 2018? (AB21920/21921) Approved 7-0