Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum

Action Taken at April 9, 2019 Meeting

Puget Sound Energy representatives presented the port with a grant check in the amount of $23,520 for lighting upgrades to warehouses on Cornwall Avenue.

Shall the commission:
43. Authorized the executive director to spend up to $90,000 for additional repairs and restoration at the Bellingham airport due to water damage? Two water line failures occurred on February 5 and 6 in the terminal building. Freezing temperatures that resulted in the freezing and breaking of a primary fire suppression system and a hose bib supply line. Flooding occurred inside the terminal from the ticketing counters to the security screening area, and also in several offices as well as in the basement, including the port’s records archive room and tenant office spaces. At the 2/19/2019 meeting, vote #30, the commission authorized $334,457 for cleanup. This vote brings the total authorized amount to $415,000. The port has a $50,000 insurance deductible. (8426/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

44. Authorized the executive director to sign a $44,5000 contract (amendment #1) with Coffman Engineers of Seattle for construction support services for the multiple fire suppression system? The work includes corrosion investigation and analysis, design, submittals review and, if necessary, preparation of plans and specifications for public bidding at the Shipping Terminal Warehouses 1 and 2, Fairhaven Warehouse 4, and Fairhaven Station. This amendment brings the total authorized contract to $52,000. (8427/Consent Agenda D) Approved 3-0

45. Authorized the executive director to sign a $90,000 contract with Reid Middleton, Inc. of Everett to complete condition assessments of the Squalicum Harbor gill net loading zone, Fire Belle Pier and the inner harbor marina? The assessment of marine structures including piers, floats and bulkheads are typically completed every five to 10 years. The gill net loading zone is a timber pier and floating concrete dock completed in 1984. The Fire Belle Pier is timber and was constructed in 1972. Both were last evaluated in 2010. Gates six through 10 of the inner harbor marina were constructed in the 80s and evaluated in 2007. (8431/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

46. Authorized the executive director to sign an $84,465 contract with Reid Middleton, Inc. of Everett for planning assistance and preliminary design of the Blaine Harbor Marine Industrial Peninsula access improvement project? The area has a variety of tenants including seafood handling and processing companies and a boatyard operator. Tenants have expressed the desire to expand. The contract will provide detailed mapping of the area, development of road realignment alternatives, probable construction costs and schematic engineering. (8432/Action Item 2) Approved 3-0

47. Authorize the executive director to sign a limited operations agreement with Fidelity & Deposit Company, Washington Federal, Pierce County, David Stapleton as trustee and the Chapter 7 Estate of Puglia Engineering Inc., and Washington Federal Bank for the completion of the Steilacoom ferry project? Puglia Engineering employs about 80 people and has operated at the Fairhaven shipyard since 2002. An investment in a San Francisco shipyard resulted in Puglia seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection that was later converted to Chapter 7 liquidation. The Steilacoom ferry is now in drydock and is covered by a $1,500,216 performance bond from Fidelity. Through April 30, Puglia owes the port $638,492 for rent, deferred rent, utilities and leaseholder tax. The port will receive $218,064 from Fidelity to complete the ferry project and another $243,257 from Fidelity associated with the lease bond. The net loss to the port is approximately $177,000. (8433/Action Item 3) Approved 3-0

48. Small Works Roster. Contracts under $300,000 fall within the executive director’s spending authority; they only require commission notification. Deplaning hallway improvement project, $47,571. (8437/Consent Agenda F)

49. Authorized the executive director to sign a letter to the state of Washington approving a grant easement to the city of Bellingham? The port manages the state-owned aquatic lands and the city must get port approval before the state can grant an easement to the city of Bellingham. The city proposes relocating a stormwater outlet because it is continually buried by sand and gravel and increasing the outflow pipe size from 24” diameter to 30” diameter. The city anticipates beginning the relocation in July 2019 and it should be completed by February 2020. (8443/Consent Agenda E) Approved 3-0

Action Taken at April 23, 2019 Meeting

Shall the commission:
50. Approve a ground lease with Alpha Distributor for the former Washington Air National Guard site at the Bellingham airport? The lease is for the development and construction of aircraft hangars for corporate business, general aviation, governmental aircraft and aircraft maintenance. The 25-year lease will be followed by three consecutive five-year renewal periods. The lease can be terminated if the results of environmental testing are not acceptable or substances are identified in unacceptable amounts or locations. Rent will be $1,221,66 for the first 10 years, thereafter, rent is subject to adjustment every five years. (8456/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

51. Authorize the executive director to sign a $13,701 contract with CH2M HILL of Englewood, Colo., (amendment #11) for the Slater Road wetland mitigation monitoring project? The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a permit (11/16/2010 meeting, vote #161) allowing 8.9 acres at the airport to be filled for the terminal building expansion project. Approximately 13.3 acres of wetlands were created on state-owned Slater Road property adjacent to unnamed tributaries of Spring Creek. CH2M HILL has been monitoring the site for six years. Vegetation monitoring will continue and a year-six monitoring report. The contract expires on 12/31/2019. This amendment brings the total authorized contract to $596,208. (8572/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

52. Authorize the executive director to accept $4,922 from the state of Washington for the removal of a derelict vessel? In May 2018, a 27-foot sailboat was discovered aground on Little Squalicum Beach. Port staff attempted to contact the registered owner. The home at the address of the registered owner had been demolished prior to discovery of the vessel and the owner could not be contacted. The port was eligible a state reimbursement for 90 percent of the cost of removal and disposal. (8476/Consent Agenda F) Approved 3-0

53. Authorize the executive director to sign a $58,045 contract (amendment 4) with RMC Architects of Bellingham for construction-phase support for the Blaine webhouse #1 project? The contract provides design, permitting and cost-estimating assistance for Walsh marine building, Blaine webhouse #1, Blaine webhouse #2 and #3, stormwater system improvement and Millholin Avenue water main replacement. This amendment brings the total contract amount to $404,664. (8477/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

54. Authorize the executive director to sign a $148,561 contract with RMC Architects of Bellingham for design and construction cost estimates for the proposed Squalicum Harbor fisherman’s pavilion? The building will be constructed near the entrance to Zuanich Park, be approximately 12,000 square feet and serve as a covered work space in the winter and an additional event space during the summer. The pavilion has a budget of $1,500,000. A $14,856 contingency fee brings the total contract to $163,417. (8469/Action Item 2) Approved 3-0

55. Authorize the executive director to award the low bid of $3,388,179 to Dawson Construction of Bellingham for construction of Blaine webhouse #1? The 20,600 square foot webhouse will be located on the Blaine Harbor industrial peninsula. It will consist of 22 units that will serve as storage lockers and work spaces for local commercial fishermen. Two bids were received: the high bid was $3,403,397. (8470/ Action Item 3) Approved 3-0