Whatcom County Climate Impact Advisory Committee

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At the December 5, 2017 meeting, the Whatcom County Council voted to establish the Climate Impact Advisory Committee. The committee consists of 11 voting members with the council appointing the members. It will advise the County Council on the implementation of the climate action plan — the goal of the plan is 100 percent renewal energy use for Whatcom County operations. The committee will update the action plan every five years. The first committee meeting was held on March 15, 2018. Members serve three year terms with a two-term limit.

Members Terms Expire:

Eric Grossman 1/31/2020
William Harman 1/31/2020
David Kershner 1/31/2020
Tim Miller 1/31/2020
Gabriel Westergreen 1/31/2020
Treva Coe 1/31/2021
Seth Fleetwood 1/31/2021
Ellyn Murphy 1/31/2021
Alex Ramel 1/31/2021
Sharon Shewmake 1/31/2021
Johnathan Yakawich 1/31/2021