A History of City Climate Protection

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The city of Bellingham has been involved in climate protection for 15 years.

At the March 14, 2005, meeting, the City Council endorsed the Cities for Climate Protection program to reduce global warming and air pollution emissions.

The council voted at the July 24, 2006, meeting to purchase the city’s electricity through Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power program.

At the June 7, 2010, meeting, the council voted to identify ways the city of Bellingham can reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels for transportation and implement policies.

At the May 7, 2018, meeting, the council passed Resolution 2018-06, the 2018 Climate Protection Action Plan. It created a 12-member Climate Action Plan Task Force with a goal of delivering a final report in the last quarter of 2019. The goal of the plan is a 100 percent municipal-emissions reduction and an 85 percent community-emissions reduction by 2050. The final plan was delivered at the December 9, 2019, afternoon committee meeting.