Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum

Votes at the April meeting were not available when the paper was sent to the printer. Vote #39 at the 4/3/2020 meeting and votes 33 throught 35 at the 4/14/2020 meetings were approved 3-0.

Action Taken at May 5, 2020 Meeting

Shall the commission:
36. Approve a sublease agreement between Cohanim Bellwether LLC and the Barre Bod Corporation? Cohanim Bellwether LLC subleases for more than 10 years require port approval. The lease is for five years with two, five-year renewals. The Barre Bod Corporation is registered with the secretary of state in Bellingham. It does not currently have an Internet presence. According to Wikipedia: Barre is a form of physical exercise, usually conducted in group classes in gyms or specialty studios. It is distinguished from other group fitness activities by its use of the ballet barre (a handrail that provides support) and its incorporation or movements derived from ballet. (9335/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

37. Authorize the executive director to accept $5,015,751 in federal funds under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES)? The CARES Act provides $10 billion in economic relief to eligible U.S. Airports. The funds are allocated by the FAA. In the application submitted by the port the entire amount will be used for operational expenses (payroll, utility bills and payment of debt service). (9336/Consent Agenda A) Approved 3-0

38. Authorize the executive director to sign a $936,434 contract (amendment #1) with Anchor QEA of Seattle for phase 2 of the Whatcom Waterway cleanup project? At the 8/13/2019 meeting, vote #92, the commission authorized an engineering and remedial design with Anchor QEA. This amendment is for permitting support, pre-remedial design investigations and remedial design. A 10 percent contingency fee of $92,707 brings the amended contract to $1,029,141. (9337/Action Item 1) Approved 3-0

Action Taken at May 19, 2019 Meeting

Shall the commission:
39. Approve a permit for Pacific Coastal Ventures d/b/a Alaska Wild Fish and Chips of Blaine to operate a food truck in the Blaine Harbor parking lot? The commission approved permits for seven parking stalls at the 6/16/2017 meeting, vote #64, the 5/15/2018 meeting, vote #73 and the 5/21/2019, meeting vote #65. The truck will operate five days a week in the Gate 3 parking lot. It fills a need that was created by the closure of the Harbor Cafe. The number of parking stalls will be reduced this year from seven to four and may be increased to seven if allowed by the Whatcom County Health Department. (9367/Consent Agenda B) Approved 3-0

40. Authorize the executive director to accept a $250,000 state grant to help fund an expansion of the Silfab Solar facility in Bellingham? The pass-through grant will reimburse the company for design and engineering, equipment installation, testing and training, and building retrofits. The total estimated cost of the expansion is $4,000,196 and it will create between 20 and 40 full-time jobs over the next five years. The grant must be used before 6/30/2021. (9368-9369/Consent Agenda C) Approved 3-0

41. Authorize the executive director to sign an agreement with the city of Bellingham (amendment #1) for the installation, operation and maintenance of fiber conduit along portions of city right-of-way? The original agreement was approved by the commission at the 11/20/2018 meeting, vote #163. Installation was coordinated with the paving of Roeder Avenue between Bellwether Way and C Street and along Granary Avenue and Laurel Street. Two gaps exist along Roeder Avenue — one at Hilton Avenue and the other at F Street. This amendment will be coordinated across Hilton Avenue with the Kochman development. Future amendments regarding fiber installation are anticipated. (7965/Action Item 6) Approved 3-0