On Chaos and Climate

Dear Watchers: A response to Dick Conoboy about his “Climate Chaos, Tipping Points and The Final Buzzer” article in the January issue. It’s certainly a well-intended piece. And I thank him for it. However, one problem is that it implies an overstatement of the chaos or butterfly effect. That is, [Read More...]

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Need Two or More Candidates

Dear Watchers, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), the method described in the October/November 2018 Whatcom Watch article, would not have been useful for all races in the recent midterm elections because RCV is only appropriate when more than two candidates are on the ballot. Where appropriate, however, RCV has clear advantages as [Read More...]

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Former Editor Returns

Hello again, Whatcom Watch readers. I say again because some of you might remember me as the managing editor of Whatcom Watch from June 2000 until July 2009. Times have changed, haven’t they? And, this little gem of a paper keeps chugging along, all the while since 1992. I stepped [Read More...]

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Shame on Whatcom Watch

Dear Watchers, Stunned, shocked and stupefied by the Ericksen ad. You call yourselves a “grassroots environmental newspaper”? Hah! It’s common knowledge that Doug Ericksen is an enemy of Washington’s increasingly fragile environment. Shame on you! Warren Sheay Bellingham Editor’s Note: We sent an email message to Warren after we received [Read More...]

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A Last Few Words

by Bob Schober This is my last issue as managing editor of Whatcom Watch. My wife and I are retiring from work and will spend the next several months wandering around the West, stopping to join protests to save public lands, monuments and national parks from decimation. Pushing back has [Read More...]

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A Personal Statement

by Bob Schober I woke up the other morning and, for the first time in my 70 years, I worried about my country. I was a healthy, virile, potential cannon-fodder college student during the Vietnam years who watched Walter Cronkite every night, but I wasn’t worried then. I knew that [Read More...]

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Changes at Whatcom Watch

Dan Reese by Dan Reese This is a period of transition for the Whatcom Watch. With our longtime editor, Bob Schober, moving on, we’re searching for a replacement editor interested in guiding the paper going forward. The job is an unusual one as there is no Whatcom Watch [Read More...]

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