A Future with Affordable Housing Choices

by Washington State Department of Commerce Funding for housing action plans and transit-oriented development helps communities address years of underbuilding that left middle- and lower-income residents priced out of housing as state’s population boomed. A 2020 report tagged Washington state with one of the 10 worst housing shortages in the [Read More...]

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Rescuing ALL of the Homeless

by Lynnette Allen I interviewed Markis Dee and JC Mansfield, who helped find and transport homeless people to shelter in Bellingham during the weeks of freezing weather in February, and going into March of 2019. So many were escorted to shelter by the HomesNOW vans and the volunteers — who [Read More...]

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HomesNOW! Winter Haven Tent Community

Artist: Hilary Cole by Lynnette Allen After working on a project with HomesNOW! (Homes for the Homeless NOW, Not Later) for some time now, I’ve noticed how quickly this group of volunteers, now a 501(c)(3), is making progress on its goal of ending homelessness one person at a [Read More...]

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Samish Station: New Student Housing

by Giovanni Roverso The Samish Station “boutique” student housing will be completed in the Samish urban village area. Geared toward students, construction on the Samish Station housing project is underway by Genetic Electric, LLC, and residents should be moving in fall 2019, according to Jackie Hall, the manager at Local [Read More...]

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A Different Take on Neighborhood Character

by Shannon Maris The front page article entitled “Character —The Content of Bellingham’s Neighborhoods” by Dick Conoboy (Whatcom Watch, February 2017) had some inaccurate statements. I would like to address those so accurate information is used when considering the options for the future of our neighborhoods. I am a local [Read More...]

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