How We Are Being the Change

by Lynnette Allen There are movements stirring and big changes happening. From Bellingham and the grassroots everywhere, people are “being the change” we know we can be … connecting and transforming our reality into what we truly are. Bellingham’s participation and celebration in the Global Climate Strike on September 20, [Read More...]

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Anecdotes Don’t Prove Anything

by Matteo Tamburini Anecdotes should not be used to decide public policy. I’ll include a few examples: • Two friends from out of town were pulled over by the police. They were looking for my place in the late evening, and possibly driving a little hesitantly, as you might in an [Read More...]

By |2022-03-12T17:40:33-08:00March 11, 2019|Opinion|

A Big Blue House Called Utopia

by Bill Walker My fellow progressives, I need your help, right now, in building a big, beautiful blue house protected by a tall environmentally green wall of sanity in Washington, D.C. A house that judges each person not by the color of their skin or what religion they follow nor [Read More...]

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Violence in Virginia

by Sharon Robinson As a First Amendment warrior, I fight for your right to speak all things hateful to my values. As a victim of malicious slander, I know the need for restraint. There are two sides to the freedom of speech on display in Virginia, but also two problems. [Read More...]

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