A Contrarian View of Corporate Healthcare

by Robert A. Duke For a contrarian view of corporate healthcare under PeaceHealth and St. Joseph Medical Center, and Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement, Northwest Life Passages and others, see the following: • “Waking Up Dying: Caregiving When There Is No Tomorrow” available at Village Books in Bellingham, Wash., and Amazon [Read More...]

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Privacy in the Age of Trump

by Sharon L. Robinson The president does raise problems we have with our spyware practices which do need our attention. He feels personally victimized, however, rather than concerned about systems failures. His attack is defensive against the ongoing Mueller investigation and justifying his firing of FBI Director James Comey. The [Read More...]

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Photographs on the Street

Stefan stands in the alley outside of the Community to Community, a local food sovereignty organization. Ashley, who has a passion for patterns, bundles up at the Bellingham bus station. Skye and Kyle spot a plane as they walk through the alley behind Prospect Street [Read More...]

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Spiritual Courage Under Fire

by Kathryn Fentress This past MLK birthday celebration time I attended a showing of a documentary film of the civil rights’ movement in St. Augustine, Florida in 1963-1964. I had been arrested there with King, and the filmmaker invited me to assist with the question and answer portion of the [Read More...]

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Quick Projects

by Jim McCann What I like most are those quick, discrete projects that you can just tackle and then they’re done with. But sometimes the gods have other ideas. This particular one started off innocently enough with: “Honey, would you mind unloading a bag of potting soil from the trunk [Read More...]

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Trump vs. Trump

by Sharon Robinson Our President is at war with his own government. He claims in unending Tweets that he’s being persecuted and deprived of his Constitutional rights, which were designed to protect citizens from abuse of political power. President Trump claims this Russia investigation is to be “the greatest witch [Read More...]

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Tips on Organizing a Rally

by Preston Schiller As someone who organized the first on-campus protest at the University of Illinois in 1961 (a peace march) and has been involved in several causes and organization efforts over subsequent decades I offer a few tips that I hope may be helpful. • Use a dedicated website [Read More...]

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