When the Spirit Rebels

by Rob Lewis It would have been a strange vision for any one of our great grandparents, if they had tried to imagine one day the emergence of something called Extinction Rebellion. “What? A rebellion against the end of life itself?” Yes, I am afraid. And yes, finally. Finally, some [Read More...]

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Reply by Author

Dear Watchers: I thank Mr. Richardson for his correction and comments on my recent article on the Nooksack River. His comments are always welcome, as he is an authority on Nooksack language, and literally wrote a book on the subject, as well as an historical article. Concerning his first comment, [Read More...]

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Rescuing ALL of the Homeless

by Lynnette Allen I interviewed Markis Dee and JC Mansfield, who helped find and transport homeless people to shelter in Bellingham during the weeks of freezing weather in February, and going into March of 2019. So many were escorted to shelter by the HomesNOW vans and the volunteers — who [Read More...]

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