August – 2017

East of the Mountains

Gray flycatcher                                                                                      photo: Joe Meche by Joe Meche Over the past two decades we’ve made our first trip over Washington Pass as soon as the snowplows opened State Highway 20, usually in mid-May. For one reason or another this year, mid-May suddenly became mid-June before I was able [Read More...]

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Blanket Response

Dear Editor, It would be helpful to our confused society if we distinguished between judging a person and their ideas from that of taking a position toward a person or to an idea that requires using judgment. To give a blanket response to serve as a judgment of a person [Read More...]

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Wendy Scherrer, Environmental Educator

by Kathryn Fentress Wendy Scherrer                                                                 Photo: K. Fentress Wendy Scherrer, 64, has three adult children and three grandchildren. She is a 1976 Huxley College graduate who helped develop the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) and became its Executive Director in 1999. After earning her environmental planning degree in [Read More...]

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Let’s Move Past the Culvert Case

Lorraine Loomis by Lorraine Loomis The state of Washington has made remarkable progress in the past four years toward meeting a federal court mandate to repair hundreds of fish-blocking culverts under state roads. Failing culverts deny tribal treaty-reserved fishing rights that include the right for salmon to be [Read More...]

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