How Cascadian Corporations Stack Up on Climate

by Laura Feinstein and Eric de Place Rating the Climate Claims and Actions of Alaska Airlines, Albertsons, Amazon and Boeing This article was first published at When Amazon announced that its new professional hockey arena in Seattle would be called “Climate Pledge Arena,” it was clear that 2020 [Read More...]

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Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at September 28, 2020 Meeting Update on Covid-19 Response: Whatcom County case rates have gone up; some are cases from a long-term care facility. The Health Department has received more funds from the CARES Act. They have about three months to spend $4.5 million. First, the Health Department [Read More...]

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City Plans to Cap White Toxic Mounds

Two large mounds of dredged sediment have become the Cornwall Avenue Landfill’s most distinctive feature. Located on the northeastern shoreline of Bellingham Bay, the site is on track to become an expansive waterfront park. The Alger Learning Center and Independence High School is at the south end of Cornwall [Read More...]

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