A Pipeline Controversy Explained

Is Washington Now in the Tar Sands Crosshairs? courtesy Sightline.org Editor’s Note: Shortly before the July issue was scheduled to be sent to the printer, I learned the following article from Sightline.org was reprinted in the Cascadia Weekly. That paper only printed a portion of the article — [Read More...]

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Quick Projects

by Jim McCann What I like most are those quick, discrete projects that you can just tackle and then they’re done with. But sometimes the gods have other ideas. This particular one started off innocently enough with: “Honey, would you mind unloading a bag of potting soil from the trunk [Read More...]

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Compassion for Nature

by Jonathan Moore Overly Sensible or Sensitive? An event took place five days ago which involved my wife, and an egg noodle she noticed lying precariously on the laundry room floor. Now if you knew Wanda, you’d be apt to know that anything other than carpet and vinyl is forbidden [Read More...]

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