Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Andrew S. McBride Action Taken at April 4, 2017 Meeting Shall the commission: 42. Modify a lease and a surplus personal property transfer agreement with Bitter End Boatworks and authorize the executive director to sign a certificate for surplus port property? Bitter End Boatworks operates Hilton Harbor Marina, [Read More...]

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Whatcom County Council

Action Taken at April 4, 2017 Meeting Shall the council: 58. Authorize the executive to accept a $18,375 state grant for water safety patrols? The grant will fund patrols by the sheriff’s office during the peak boating period in order to reduce boating-related loss of life, personal injury, and property [Read More...]

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Bellingham City Council

Compiled by Boris Schleinkofer Action Taken at April 10, 2017 Meeting Shall the council: 63. Send letters to Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Rick Larsen regarding the federal budget? The letter addresses a proposal to zero out Housing and Urban Development funds. From the letter: “The city [Read More...]

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Trump’s Budget Dumps on the Struggling

This section is devoted to studying the local impacts of specific issues the Trump Administration or Republican Congress will propose. by Bob Schober “Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.” — Benjamin Franklin “Actions speak louder than words. Words cost nothing. Actions can cost everything.” — Aleksandra [Read More...]

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Trump’s Adversary — Truth

by Lyle Harris Sr. The president has no clothes. David Brooks, the respected conservative columnist for The New York Times, wrote that Trump has the “dangerousness of an immature man” under the headline, “When the World is Led by a Child.” Then a Washington Post opinion writer responded, “The president [Read More...]

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Our Environmental Future Depends on Viable Local Farms

Leo Harrison and his wife started a small dairy farm near Lynden but fell victim to the difficult market conditions and increasing burdens on farmers.                                    photo: courtesy of Whatcom Family Farms by Fred Likkel and Brad Rader In the April 2017 issue of Whatcom Watch, one of the [Read More...]

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