An Eastside Retrospective

Osprey photo: Joe Meche by Joe Meche As winter has finally loosened its grip we are currently making preparations for another departure to signal the beginning of our own camping season. After last month’s look back over the past sixteen years of Beaks and Bills, I’ve been thinking [Read More...]

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About Lake Whatcom

  The above photo depicts Lake Whatcom on a late summer evening at sunset in Sudden Valley.    photo: EJ Leder by April Markiewicz It is the primary drinking water source for about 100,000 residents in Bellingham and Whatcom County. The lake is comprised of three sub-basins from [Read More...]

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Gardening With Wildlife

Peter HeffelfingerPhoto: Evelyn Adams by Peter Heffelfinger One of the first chores of spring is to let a few winter-hardened brassicas, such as kales or collards, go to seed. The early flowers attract native bees and the cultivated honey bees, as well as the now commonly over-wintering Anna’s [Read More...]

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Climate Challenges: Lake Whatcom Update

  by April Markiewicz Lake Whatcom, our community’s primary drinking water source, is already showing the effects of climate change as evidenced by increasingly common summer temperature extremes. The most recent occurrence was in 2015, followed by warmer than usual, but less extreme temperatures in 2016. The effects on Lake [Read More...]

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