Finding a Home for Farmworkers

by Andrew Wise Regulators and Non-profits Work to Improve Housing Conditions The air hung heavy with wildfire smoke and a muggy 83 degrees on August 2, the day Honesto Ibarra started feeling ill while working in the blueberry fields at Sarbanand Farms in Sumas. He complained of headaches and would [Read More...]

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“History Is Watching Us All”

by Lyle Harris Sr. Even before the tragic events in Charlottesville in which Heather D. Heyer was killed when white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his car into a group of protestors, two Republican senators, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, were speaking out against [Read More...]

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Lisa Voigt, Tutor with Whatcom Literacy Council

by Kathryn Fentress Since 1978, the Whatcom Literacy Council has been helping adults in Whatcom County improve their literacy skills and learn English. Through customized individual tutoring and focused, small group classes, adult learners acquire critical skills needed to become more self-sufficient. Each year, adult learners set achievable goals to: [Read More...]

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Violence in Virginia

by Sharon Robinson As a First Amendment warrior, I fight for your right to speak all things hateful to my values. As a victim of malicious slander, I know the need for restraint. There are two sides to the freedom of speech on display in Virginia, but also two problems. [Read More...]

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What Government is Governing?

by Robert Duke Quest lab debacle raises question: If not to protect citizens from harm by fellow citizens, natural disasters or business interests, what is government for? In particular, what are the state’s attorney general’s office and the health department’s purpose if not to prevent harm or right wrongs? On [Read More...]

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Prepping for Doomsday

by John Simmons Many people in the Northwest are expecting the Big One. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, stretching 700 miles from California to Vancouver, British Columbia, releases a major earthquake approximately every 300 – 400 years. The last one occurred in 1700, estimated at 9.2 on the Richter scale. The [Read More...]

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