Skookum Creek: Supporting Salmon Life Cycles

by Amanda McKay The life cycle of the salmon is one to be admired: a consistent rotation of spawning, hatching, feeding, migration and the ultimate end-of-life sacrifice. With its cold, clear waters, Skookum Creek has the potential to provide salmon with the ideal habitat to live out the most important [Read More...]

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Clues Emerging in Salmon Deaths

Editor’s Note: This series was originally published in the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound. by Christopher Dunagan An intensive research program in the U.S. and Canada is studying why so few salmon in the Salish Sea are returning home to spawn. Studies by more than 200 scientists on both sides of [Read More...]

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A Condensed History of Governors Point

Compiled by Laura Leigh Brakke 1947  Pacific Reality (Larrabee) sells land to Lee Simenson Logging Company. 1953  Governors Point Development Company forms, buys land, logs the land and installs water pipes. 1958  Carl Sahlin buys out all other partners of Governors Point Development Company. 1961  The land is logged again [Read More...]

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