A Big Blue House Called Utopia

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by Bill Walker

My fellow progressives, I need your help, right now, in building a big, beautiful blue house protected by a tall environmentally green wall of sanity in Washington, D.C.

A house that judges each person not by the color of their skin or what religion they follow nor even what sex they are or what sexual preference they aspire to be. But only on what each individual can do to help build a more inclusive world where everyone can find a pathway to prosperity, compassion and equality.

A big blue house that shows its love and concern for all its citizens by providing healthcare for all and a chance at a higher education that is affordable to everyone and not just the privileged few.

A big blue house that provides a 40-hour living wage so everyone can enjoy a decent life without having to stress over where the next house payment or rent check is going to come from while also having to worry about just who’s going to be taking care of the kids while parents work two or three separate jobs just to make ends meet.

A big blue house with a larger feminine touch where women are no longer seen as sexual ornaments by men who want to satisfy their own ego driven power trip.

And a place that encourages the protection of Mother Nature by creating sustainable, pollution-free energy by charging a tax on carbon and other climate destroying pollutants to help pay for the transition away from fossil fuels.

And yes, a big blue house that doesn’t shy away from putting laws into place that keep Wall Street and large corporations from rigging the system for their own corrupt gains. And that also reforms the tax code so that the top one percent pays its fair share. And closing tax loopholes and off-shore tax havens while we build a new and eventually debt free America.

Yes, progressives, we can build a big blue house with a green heart in 2018 and begin the process of winning back the true spirit of this great land that has been stolen away from all of us over the last few decades. And if we put our best ideas forward, we can make it better than it ever was before.

Being the best that we can possibly be for each other is what we should aspire to be. A big blue house with a green heart bought and paid for by fairness to all and by your vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

God Bless America, and to all who wish to follow her lead!

Bill Walker has lived in the Columbia Valley since 2007 and generally works with individuals with mental health and physical issues. He is a freelance writer working on publishing his first novel.