Former Editor Returns

Hello again, Whatcom Watch readers.

I say again because some of you might remember me as the managing editor of Whatcom Watch from June 2000 until July 2009. Times have changed, haven’t they? And, this little gem of a paper keeps chugging along, all the while since 1992. I stepped in as managing editor starting with the August issue, and have been busy getting back up to speed.

Many of us feel we’re at a crossroads during these times, the make-or-break years for the environment, for our democracy, and for our survival as sentient human beings looking out for each other. We’re doing our best at Whatcom Watch to make a difference along those lines, and continue to exist because of you, our readers, and our many generous donors, writers, advertisers and staff. I feel honored to be working for all of you once again.

Sally Hewitt