Shame on Whatcom Watch

Dear Watchers,

Stunned, shocked and stupefied by the Ericksen ad. You call yourselves a “grassroots environmental newspaper”? Hah! It’s common knowledge that Doug Ericksen is an enemy of Washington’s increasingly fragile environment. Shame on you!

Warren Sheay Bellingham

Editor’s Note: We sent an email message to Warren after we received his first message. In it, we stated: Whatcom Watch does not endorse candidates — we leave that decision up to the readers. And then we mentioned subscriptions alone cannot sustain Whatcom Watch; advertising has been declining at an accelerating rate. Now, thanks to recently secured advertising manager, Marcia Guderian, new ads were acquired for the first time in three years, making our survival more likely. We hope readers will consider becoming subscribers so we will not be dependent on advertisers. It was heartening to hear back from Warren with his encouraging words and new subscription. Thank you, Warren Sheay!

Dear Watchers,

Now, more than ever, we need the voice of Whatcom Watch in the community dialogue. Distressing to learn you are facing dire financial woes. Consequently, I am now a new subscriber, and I urge everyone who can afford it to follow suit. I am hoping you raise enough money so that you can be more selective in your choice of advertisers. Your ad for the Doug Ericksen campaign in the last issue was quite a shock!

Warren Sheay