How We Are Being the Change

by Lynnette Allen

There are movements stirring and big changes happening. From Bellingham and the grassroots everywhere, people are “being the change” we know we can be … connecting and transforming our reality into what we truly are.

Bellingham’s participation and celebration in the Global Climate Strike on September 20, 2019, with a large local turnout, was exceptionally well organized by youth locally. And, the week of climate events following it shows that kids are organizing the planet and that humans hearts are beating together with Gaia’s …

One thing is for sure … there will be a lot closer look at the science on global warming and climate change as the corporate elite’s disinformation about it is now glaring. The “American dream” is like a carrot on a stick constantly held out to the masses, with the corporate elite sitting on burgeoning barrels of money and power.

They have been unrelenting in their strategy to convince the populace that they are to blame for global warming and must “fix it” by reducing their carbon footprint — while their big fossil fuel, auto, big ag, etc. industries are constantly ramped up. This cognitive disconnect now has wide awareness. Along beside toxic geoengineering, toxic spraying and toxic additives in our food, many green technologies are now sprouting, that can help the natural cleanup of the air, water, soil, and the oceans — if we humans choose to give them half a chance. Mother Earth, herself, is best at this, and is always restoring herself when we allow it.

While perspectives of “the science” vary and fluctuate widely, and dangerous scenarios are being constantly reported, there are also increasing breakthroughs being revealed. For example, neuroscientists’ reports of our bodies’ self-healing powers. We do have the choice to put our attention on developing these life-serving, life-saving technologies and forgo our cell phone addictions and the growing network of radio frequencies now accelerating out of control with the addition of 5G tech.

Our dualistic, competitive world view is being hugely challenged while our discoveries about the quantum field is showing the truth of knowledge passed down through the ages. And right now we still have the choice of where to put our attention.

Where we put our attention now as a collective will make or break us, in my view. I think the life-serving choices will be more enjoyable.

Lynnette Allen went to the University of Iowa and then to Mills College. Lynnette taught physical education and modern dance and specialized in movement therapy. Later, she studied nonviolent communication. Lynnette loves to teach and write — and her favorite subject is consciousness. She’s a dedicated human rights activist, and recently she’s enjoyed volunteering with HomesNOW!.