Reader Found Advertisement Offensive

I was disheartened to see a sidebar ad in the January issue featuring an anthropomorphic cow holding a sign reading “COW LIVES MATTER,” (See January issue, page 5).

The Black Lives Matter movement is about people. Real human beings. The very name of this movement — BLACK LIVES MATTER — is a statement of inspiration and power for many people.

To appropriate this statement along with a depiction of a cartoonish animal is demeaning to BLM and frankly comes across as a tacit equation of a class of people to a domesticated animal.

I would hope that more careful consideration of the content of ad copy, no matter the size or the intent, can take place in your publication in the future.

Sincerely, local vegetarian,
Lloyd A. French

Response from the person placing the ad:

We are greatly inspired by and support the Black Lives Matter movement. This ad did not intend to deprecate BLM in any way; rather, the idea was to expand this awareness to include not only all humans but animals as well, especially cows.

If humanity raises its collective consciousness to the point where lives of animals are revered, then racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination might decrease significantly.

We hope that leaders and supporters of the BLM initiative don’t project negative motives onto those who promote other types of human or animal rights, even if the BLM “brand” is employed, but rather join forces so as to empower a sense of synergy and cooperation between diverse advocacy groups.

Lori Erbs
Unlimited Resources