A Proposed Broadband Advisory Group and Corporate Conflicts of Interest

The light in a fiber-optic cable travels through the core by constantly bouncing from the mirror-lined walls (cladding), a principle called total internal reflection. Because the cladding does not absorb any light from the core, the light wave can travel great distances.   Source: www.shireeninc.com/fiber-optics-and-its-importance/ Editor’s Note: The [Read More...]

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Please Stay Home!

Dear Watchers, Our country is so divided, and Covid-19 has contributed to the schism. When we combine politics with science in today’s hyper-partisan environment, we end up with politics winning. That’s deadly in this pandemic. If the virus were a foreign threat, with enemies sending bombing sorties, and Governor Inslee [Read More...]

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Nothing to Hide

Dear Watchers, Being watched under surveillance has become a valued part of modern life. We would miss the capabilities to verify the truth here and abroad, follow-up on even health pandemics, protect citizens and business assets, and catch criminals or others causing harm by general security cameras, among many things. [Read More...]

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artist: Hilary Cole Correction to a December article, “Lake Whatcom Needs More Rigorous Action” by Laura Weiss and Karlee Deatherage. On page 6, the article said that only 64 properties participated in the Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program in 2018, which cost taxpayers over $1 million for the [Read More...]

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Thank You, Contributors!

You might notice Whatcom Watch isn’t covered with ads, like some publications. Whatcom Watch exists thanks to the names on the back page, our subscriber-donors. Last year, they contributed 58 percent of our revenue; advertising was responsible for 31 percent of our revenue, and 11 percent of our revenue came [Read More...]

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Scientist’s Advice for Climate Task Force

by Ray Kamada To Whatcom Watch Readers: I’m Ray Kamada, a retired atmospheric scientist (specialties were research in air pollution, turbulence, boundary layer and mesoscale meteorology in terms of theory development, computer modeling, field studies, and data analysis, with some history as a climate change onlooker). Thus, I’ve written a [Read More...]

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Reply by Author

Dear Watchers: I thank Mr. Richardson for his correction and comments on my recent article on the Nooksack River. His comments are always welcome, as he is an authority on Nooksack language, and literally wrote a book on the subject, as well as an historical article. Concerning his first comment, [Read More...]

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