What the Frack?

illustrator: Hailee Wickersham by Hailee Wickersham Every day the push for concrete climate action seems to knock at the door, waiting for it to be opened and allowed a seat at the table. In 2008, when Pew Research asked U.S. adults what the top priority for the president [Read More...]

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Kinder Morgan Suspends Nonessential Spending

This article originally appeared on the Sightline Institute website sightline.org and is reprinted with permission. by Eric de Place It's a High-stakes Showdown of Cinematic Proportions In a surprise Sunday afternoon [April 8] announcement, the company backing a huge oil pipeline proposal in British Columbia cried uncle. (1) Citing conflicts [Read More...]

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Another Disappointing Year For King Coal

This article is reprinted with permission from Sightline. by Clark Williams-Derry A few silver linings, but mostly dark clouds for the coal industry. Despite the Trump administration’s promise of a coal industry rebound, data from the US Energy Information Administration  show that King Coal actually lost crucial ground in 2017: the [Read More...]

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Spills and Chills in Print

Reviewed by Terry Wechsler Mary Kay Becker in the 70s. Superspill An Account of the 1978 Grounding at Bird Rocks by Mary Kay Becker and Patricia Coburn Madrona Press, 1974 161 pages, paperback, $3.95 ISBN 10: 0914842021 ISBN-13: 978-0914842026 Bellingham’s Mary Kay Becker sits on the Washington Court [Read More...]

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