Bellingham City Council

Action Taken at April 12, 2021 Meeting Mayor’s Report Mayor Fleetwood announced that the city has hired Elizabeth Monahan as the new human resources director. He welcomed her to the city, and thanked Deputy Administrator Brian Heinrich for his many years of service in that role. The city is in [Read More...]

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Governor Inslee Signs Plastics and Recycling Bill

Editor’s Note: This press release was issued by 10 organizations. They are listed at the end. On Monday, May 17, Governor Jay Inslee signed SB5022 that will reduce plastic pollution and improve recycling in Washington. The bill came to him with bipartisan support with the Senate voting 31-17 and the [Read More...]

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Port of Bellingham Commission

Compiled by Bill McCallum Action Taken at March 30, 2021 Special Meeting Shall the commission: 34. Transfer the land lease and project development agreement from All American Marine to RGM Holdings of Austin, Texas, for property located at 1010 Hilton Avenue? RGM Holdings has purchased All American Marine. Bryton Marine [Read More...]

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Whatcom County Council

Compiled by Barry MacHale Action Taken at April 6, 2021 Meeting Shall the council: 81. Authorize the executive to sign a $253,034 contract (amendment #23) with Washington State University? The original contract — dated 9/22/1999 — was approved for mutual benefits and to jointly share costs for faculty positions and [Read More...]

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Washington Has the Fifth Most Parks and Wildlife Areas in the United State

America’s protected parklands have famously been called “the best idea we ever had,” and it is easy to understand why. State and national parks showcase the country’s diverse natural beauty, are open to all comers, and accomplish important goals for environmental protection and rural economic growth.  While some of America’s [Read More...]

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Wolf Experts/Scientists Urge Biden Administration to Restore Federal Protections for Gray Wolves

Wolves lost their federal protections when the Trump administration finalized a national delisting rule in January. Since then, management of wolves has fallen to state wildlife agencies. The letter explains that “state governments have clearly indicated that they will manage wolves to the lowest allowable standards.” Under the Endangered Species [Read More...]

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Boris Schleinkofer, poetrywatch editor “When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.” — John F. Kennedy Do You Enjoy poetrywatch? Artwork by [Read More...]

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