October Miscellany

Hooded merganserphoto: Joe Meche by Joe Meche Silver Lake Revisited It seems that Silver Lake Park has become an August tradition for us over the last few years. Actually, the appeal of this nearby retreat started 29 years ago in the dead of winter. We spent our first [Read More...]

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We Have No Time to Slow Down Our Recovery

Editor’s Note: Whatcom Watch first starting printing “Being Frank” — written by Billy Frank Jr. — with the April 2004 issue and continued running his column until May 2009, when The Bellingham Herald starting printing it. We started offering it again in September 2013 when the Herald abandoned it. Billy [Read More...]

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Harcourt Timeline

The Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company operated at the downtown waterfront site from 1926 until 1963, when the Georgia-Pacific Corporation purchased it. The Georgia-Pacific Corporation shut down pulp mill operations in 2001 and tissue plant operations in 2007, closing the plant that year. The Port of Bellingham acquired the [Read More...]

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The Mycorrhizal Connection

by Fred Rhoades Fall has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and many people turn their attentions to searching for certain species of mushrooms that show up this time of year in our woods, fields and gardens. Mushrooms are just the visible indication "fruiting" from an invisible network (mycelium) of tiny [Read More...]

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Salish Seed Guild

Group of eager volunteers learning on when to harvest spinach seeds. by Nichole Schmitt Since the dawn of human civilization, seed saving has been critical to the survival of humanity. Seeds were precious heirlooms to pass on to the next generation. In times of crisis when communities fled [Read More...]

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