A Wintry Day Across the Border

by Joe Meche Sandhill crane                                                                                                               Photo: Joe Meche                 Every year, I give myself a special birthday present. While it might not seem that special to many people, it is to me. I treat myself to a day at one of [Read More...]

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Time for Cascadia?

by Michael Riordan Donald Trump and his alt-right supporters have driven a huge crimson stake through the rusting industrial heart of America. An unbroken swath of red, Republican states now stretches from Idaho to West Virginia. We no longer live in a unified nation politically but in several scattered shards: [Read More...]

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To the Corps: Finish Court-ordered EIS

Please take action before the change of officeholders at the federal level, and ask our congressional delegation to demand the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers release the final Environmental Impact Statement for the BP pier for the reasons described by Commissioner Felleman: Maria Cantwell,   https://www.cantwell.senate.gov/contact/email/form Suzan DelBene,   https://delbene.house.gov/contact-me/email-me [Read More...]

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